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planet sushi : uramaki part 1

meiro maki // philadelphia maki // unagi onigara maki

Spiked Lolita Garters. ♡
People who can't draw: Drawing is fucking hard
People who don't try at all: Drawing is fucking hard
Teachers: Drawing is fucking hard
Beginning artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Pro artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Extremely famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard
Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history: Drawing is fucking hard
People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free: Drawing is easy!

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hot tip: if you steal or use art w/o permission from the artist and they call you out on it, remember to insult the art you praised and used without permission in the first place. even though you wanted it on your blog permanently. totally mediocre. uninspiring. 0/10 would not recommend (now that I have to deal w the consequences of my actions, that is)


Photographed by Steven Chee for Vogue Australia August 2014

come on tumblr and see some ass acting like they have the power to decide who is a real artist and who isnt

based on the platforms they use to showcase their art

because they got caught out using work that wasnt made for them and is upset and needs to reassert self as superior

wae ?? 

fetsu-chan sent: Hello there beautiful! u wu I was wondering when about you think you will have commissions open?? :3

Hello fren! 
I am not technically open like at the moment but I have just finished my commissions so I am like free. I am not reopening my commissions just now (maybe next week?)  But I am like on my way to making new examples and such so if you want to pm me or email me about something in certain terms that can happennnn
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visiting your animal crossing town after months of not playing